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To the Moon and Back by Boutzzz
To the Moon and Back
But somewhere in a private place 
She packs her bags for outer space 
And now she's waiting for the right 
kind of pilot to come 
And she'll say to him 
She's saying 

I would fly to the moon & back if 

you'll be... 
If you'll be my baby 
Got a ticket for a world where we 
So would you be my baby? 

Savage Garden - To the Moon and Back 


If anyone is looking for a guilty pleasure song, there you go! :P

I really like the way the face turnt out to be and the colors! I've been working on my "anatomy" skills and it seems to pay of. A bit. A little tiny bit. Still needs a lot of practise!

If you've got some advice, please tell! I'd like to improve!

Please download for full size and to see the details! 


Adobe Photoshop Elements
Intuos 5
Let it Burn by Boutzzz
Let it Burn

Everytime we go, 
I’ll weep
Everytime I fall to sleep 
But in every dream I have we meet 
Everytime I’m awake, you’re gone 
Tell me how it all went wrong 
Can i change this life we live 
‘Caus you’ve got it in your head now, 
head now 
Yeah you’ve got it in your head now, 
head now 
Do you mind if I light up the fire and let it burn?

Sometimes you come across a song which makes you feel certains things and then you want to draw them. ‘Let it burn’ by Moke did that for me. 

Overall I like the outcome of it. It's a bit darker than the things I normally draw and I wanted to try a different perspective. 

Please view full sized! 

Critsim is highly appreciated! The fire isn’t exactly the way I wanted it to be, so if you’ve got advice how to improve, please tell!


Photohop Elements 10.0
Wacom Intuos
52 layers
Warm Shadows by Boutzzz
Warm Shadows

Well, that was a lot of time! :P

But I’m really happy about the result of it! The light is the way I wanted to be and the colours do match this time!

It was meant to be a scene out of a story I’m writing at the moment, but it did turn out a bit different. The wolf isn’t quite as scary as he should be and cave doesn’t look very rocky, but that are only details. My younger brother concluded it the best way possible by answering “it reminds me a bit of Moses, you know? The burning bush-scene?” (by this he meant the DreamWorks version “Prince of Egypt”) when I asked him what he thought about it. 
Not quite, but I guess he meant it in a positive way. :P

Please download for full size!

Tips and tricks are always appreciated! I’d like to improve!



Photoshop Elements
Wacom Intuos

Cowboyride by Boutzzz

Twelve hours of painting laterrr! Those mountains were so hard to get right! Overall I like the atmosphere it has and the outcome of the left mountain, which really was a pain in the ass. I’ve spent at least five hours getting that one the colors I wanted :’D

Inspired by listening to Calexico - Glowing Heart of the World, wonderful song! If you don’t know it, you should check out!

Critism and advice is always welcome! Please don’t hold back, I’d like to improve! 

Please download for full size

Photoshop Elements
+- 90 layers
Wacom Intuos

Cowboyride on Tumblr


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